Will the IRS Release My Wage Levy / Wage Garnishment Just Because I Asked?

You cannot call up the IRS and say “I would appreciate it if you would release the Wage Levy.”

Generally, to get a release of levy you have to show a couple of things.

First you have to show it is a financial hardship on you. To show Financial Hardship, you must fill out financial documentation, show them your last three month’s of bank statements, and show you have no ability to pay, which is known as Currently Not Collectible.

Another way to get the Wage Levy released is to come up with an alternative, satisfactory solution to the IRS. That might be Currently not Collectible status , an Installment Agreement, or you might qualify for, file for and Offer in Compromise.

In order to have the Wage Levy released, you have to come to some satisfactory solution with the IRS and generally that’s not just “I don’t want to have that Wage Levy on my paycheck, could you please take it off?”

You have to do something a little more than that. You have to show that it’s a Financial Hardship or you have to enter into some kind of acceptable arrangement like Offer in Compromise , an Installment Agreement, or possibly Currently Not Collectible.