Why Is It So Important to File a Change of Address With the IRS When You Move?


The reason for filing a change of address is to simply let the IRS know where you are. The way that you do that is to file an Form 8822, the change of address form.

A problem seen quite often is that taxpayers have moved to a different home within the same city or they could have moved city to city and the IRS loses track of them.

The problem is the IRS is only obligated to send correspondence of mail to the last known address.

If the last time you filed a tax return you were living in Miami, Florida and then you moved to Houston, Texas, the IRS might be sending notices to the last known address of Miami, Florida.

What is the problem with you not receiving your mail?

If you haven’t filed tax returns, if you have balances due, the IRS is going to send you a series of threatening letters, eventually resulting in a final notice of intent to levy.

If you do not respond to this intent to levy within 30 days, the IRS can levy a bank account, levy a paycheck, or file a lien on your property.

The problem is you may not even know this is happening because you are not getting the IRS correspondence.

That is why it is important to let the IRS know where you are, so you can receive and respond to the IRS correspondence.