What forms am I going to need to fill out to get an Installment Agreement?

There’s going to be one of two forms that you’re going to fill out.

The first of those is called a 433-A Collection Information Form for individuals. The form asks some demographic information, information about assets that you own, checking accounts, savings accounts, investments, retirement accounts, whole life insurance policies, vehicles, and real property. On page four, it looks at your ability to pay based on your current income. On the left hand side it looks at sources of income and on the right-hand side it looks at monthly expenses. So that’s a 433-A, a pretty detailed six-page form.

There is another form that the IRS may find acceptable in getting an Installment Agreement. That’s a form that asks a few less questions, it’s only two or three pages long, and it’s called 433-F.

So those are the two forms, a 433-A or a 433-F, that you might have to complete when you want to ask the IRS to receive an Installment Agreement.