Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled Returns: What to do if you have Unfiled Income Tax Returns


Year after year, IRS computers are becoming more sophisticated. It’s simply a matter of time before they catch up with you.

If you wait for the IRS to file your returns for you, they are filed in the best interest of the government, usually with little or none of the deductions you are entitled to. Of course, this results in the most tax due to the government. If the IRS has filed a return on your behalf (Substitute for Return), you still have the right to file a complete and accurate return that will likely reflect a lower tax bill.

All of your returns must be filed before anything can be done to extract you from this problem. You must be current. In many cases, you will likely owe taxes, interest, and penalties after the returns are filed.

Once we find out how much is owed, we’ll put a plan in place to make it as painless as possible!

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