The Biggest Mistake Taxpayers Make – Ignoring the IRS

You need to understand how the IRS is set up. Once the IRS make an assessment and determines that you owe them money or that you haven’t filed a tax return, you are in their system.

It’s nothing personal, but they will send you a series of letters, each one more threatening than the last.

Eventually the IRS will file a Final Notice of Intent to Levy (also known as a Letter 1058) and if you do not respond 30 days after it was issued, the IRS is free to levy a bank account, levy a pay check and any other enforced collection activity they wish to take.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is simply ignoring the IRS. They ignore the notices, they ignore the phone calls, they think that somehow the problem is just going to go away by itself.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

You must be proactive in taking action and work with the IRS and get the problem resolved in some way, shape or form.