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“Discover The Truth About Settling Your IRS Debt While Avoiding Both The ‘Fear-mongers’ And ‘Bait-And-Switchers’
Who Just Want Your Money!”

Hi, I’m Larry Weinstein. My goal with this site is to educate you so together we can solve your IRS tax problems and put them behind you.

You’ve probably seen websites offering to settle your IRS debts for just “pennies on the dollar.” Well, BEWARE! Many of these services will entice you with rosy promises, only to disappoint you when “reality sinks in.”

Other sites will use fear to prod you into action. They will threaten you with “Going To Jail,” and paint themselves as the only thing standing between you and that dire circumstance. The truth is that the IRS usually just wants your money, not your body in jail.

At this site, you have found an experienced Houston-area CPA who specializes in solving your tax problems, but one who won’t lie to you just to get you as a client. Instead, I offer a professional approach designed to save you as much money as possible, while working within IRS procedures and guidelines.

If you’re looking to solve your IRS problems, you’ve come to the right place. The longer you wait for your IRS problems to go away by themselves, the larger the target you become for the IRS.

The amount you owe the IRS increases every day and the chances of the IRS forgetting about you or losing track of you are ZERO. You know it and they know it.

Let me help you end your IRS Problems TODAY!  There IS a solution to your problems, but you must take ACTION ASAP!

But don’t let yourself get ripped off by unethical companies that promise too much and deliver too little.

We really can help solve your tax problems and get the IRS OFF YOUR BACK!



You’ve got nothing to lose but your IRS misery!

Special Free Offer For Texas Taxpayers!
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“The Official Taxpayer’s Guide to Solving Your IRS Tax Problems-The Seven Things You Must Know BEFORE Solving Your IRS Problem.”

I wrote this BOOK because when taxpayers are having IRS Problems, they are usually going through a “rough spot” in their life and they don’t have a source for honest, easy-to-understand solutions to their problems.  Reading this book may help taxpayers solve their problems by themselves.

Included in this fact-filled book is:

● What is the single biggest mistake you can make in dealing with the IRS?

● What two questions will the IRS ask you that is preparing a “Roadmap” to seize your bank account or garnish your wages?

● What is the single most important letter the IRS will send you and why ignoring it is at your own peril?

● What is the best way to stop the IRS Collection process “dead in their tracks”.

● Why the amount the IRS says you owe may be wrong

● The 12 Most Common Solutions to Your Tax Problem

● Some of the way the IRS can forcibly take money from you to pay your taxes

● What types of Tax Professionals are available to solve your IRS Tax Problem

● Do you even need a tax professional to solve your IRS Tax Problem?

● How to select the right Tax Professional to solve your IRS Tax Problem

● The Truth Behind those “Pennies on the Dollar” ads finally revealed

Special Free Offer For Texas Taxpayers!
($30 Value- Including S&H)

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