How To Let The IRS Know Of Your New Address When You Move?

If you haven’t moved the IRS is going to have your address because your address of record is going to be the same as the last tax return you filed with the IRS.

But if you have moved since the last time you filed a tax return, it is wise to let the IRS know so you can get all of their correspondence.

The easiest way to do that is to file a Form 8822 with the IRS which is a change of address form.

That will put the IRS on notice of what your current and present address is so you can receive any correspondence and act on it.

Hopefully you don’t have a balance due, but if you do and the IRS is sending you collection letters, at the very least you want to get those so you can deal with it.

Otherwise you might be in for a nasty surprise one day when you get a notice from your bank stating that your account has been levied or that your paycheck has been garnished or levied. These are not good surprises to have.

So always consider keeping the IRS informed of your current whereabouts and location and you can do that by filing a Form 8822.