How Long Do You Have Before A Wage Levy / Wage Garnishment Is Honored By Your Employer?

A Wage Levy is required to be honored by your employer at your very next pay day.

What that means, simply, is if your employer receives the Wage Levy on Friday and the next payroll is on Monday, then by rights, the employer is supposed to honor that Wage Levy the following Monday.

In the real world, what really happens is that that doesn’t give your employer enough time to honor the Wage Levy.

They have to calculate how much the levy is and if it’s too far along in the payroll process, generally they will wait until the next payroll.

If you get paid the following week, that’s when they will honor it. If you get paid every two weeks, it will be in another two weeks.

But generally speaking, the employer must honor the IRS Wage Levy at your next pay day.

So that’s one the things that makes dealing with an IRS Wage Levy so difficult because you are on such a short time frame that you only have maybe a week or two to get the Release of Levy before the money goes to the IRS.